High performance with system!


For the last 40 years, my work has been dedicated to the topic of grinding. During this time, I have strived to enhance the process capability and cycle times of conventional machines so that they achieve a comparable performance to state-of-the-art machines. In general, all components such as tools, grinding wheel specification, dressing tools, coolant quality, etc. must be adapted. Thanks to my many years in this business, I have access to a network of recognised experts that cover the relevant disciplines. I also rely on modern process monitoring systems, which I have optimized over the years to suit my requirements. Customer requests for optimisation are always a sporting challenge that I enjoy meeting. My maxim is "From practice - for practice"!


I work together with a company that sells used machine tools. My task in this case is to bring these machines to the level of a current state-of-the-art machine. I impart the necessary knowledge to the persons responsible for these processes. 

For this purpose, I rely on easy-to-understand training materials without academic jargon.


  • Training

  • technical due diligance

  • process optimization